Ask Miki for April 25 2016

Dear Miki,

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for three years on and off. We often argue about things we shouldn’t argue about. We’re three years apart. He annoys me very easily. It seems like he complains all the time and sometimes I just want to tell him to shut up. We just recently became intimate and since then our relationship has been on the rocks. Should we call it quits or try to get through this?

Signed, Annoyed

Never mind wanting to tell him to shut up sometimes. The truth is, you really want him to disappear half the time. Your heart was never really in it. This is why it has been on and off and after a mediocre bout with intimacy, the whole thing just lost all charm. You have toyed with this poor guy far too long. Time to quit wanting to possess him until something better comes along for you, so now its your turn to stop talking about it and disappear.

Daily Affirmation

Some situations are like brick walls , you cant walk through them so you have to climb over them and keep going.

Miki is a Toronto-based Professional Psychic -Medium who is featured daily in the media. Personal and telephone appointments are available as well as lectures, Corporate Events ,Private parties and media events Please call us at (416) 537-5955. or visit our website at Send your questions via e-mail to: Please include with your questions, names, birth dates and photos, (if available), of yourself and persons you wish to ask about and a brief description of your situation. All identities will be kept confidential

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