Ask Miki for April 26th 2016

Dear Miki:

My situation is that I’m in a same-sex marriage. The problem is that sometimes I don’t feel like I am deeply in love with her. She had a long history with past relationships (men and woman) and because of that, she has a kid. Sometimes I don’t feel secure about her. The last months, we have been arguing for  minimal things, especially about her past. I don’t like the idea that her son’s father is continuously calling to threaten her because of child support. I don’t want him in our lives and I asked her to cut that. Her kid loves me so much and I would like to have a happy family, but without third parties. I feel depressed about this situation. What can I do? Is she in love with me? Do you see if our marriage is going to work?

Signed, I

Whether you like or not, support from the father is part of the package that comes with the kid who loves you. Besides, the father or any other third party is not the threat or the real issue in your relationship. No doubt she loves you, but part of the problem is that she has commitment issues from past relationships. The other part of the problem I see is that deep down inside, you are not really sure that this is worth all the trouble it comes with. This is the first thing you need to address, keeping in mind that love can sometimes be measured by just how much one is willing to endure and accept. The future of your marriage hinges on the stand you will take so choose very carefully.

Daily Affirmation:

Thinking we can control the actions of another is nothing more than a delusion

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