Ask Miki for June 10 2016

Dear Miki,

I am in a long distance relationship since December. I don’t like the idea but I deeply like this guy. I never felt this way about anyone. We have so much in common and we have a great understanding. I want to marry him someday. He says I am one of the best girls he ever met, but he never tells me how he feels towards me. I really need to know if he is actually serious. He says he is. I love him but I am not sure if he does and I hate wasting time on this if it’s not going anywhere. Do you see a future for us?

Signed, J

He is more serious than he appears and he loves you as much as you love him. He is preoccupied with establishing himself right now and marriage or engagements are not priorities at the moment. In a short time they will be but you will need to have more patience for a little while.


Daily Affirmation

Finding patience with love will always lead you to the road filled with happiness


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