Ask Miki for June 13 2016

Dear Miki

I’ve been married for two years. We moved to Canada last year, but my husband went back home to finalize things. We have not seen each other for over a year. Even back then, we always had discussions about him not trusting me and me not trusting him. He always thinks I am having an affair and I also think the same about him. I was really having one and I think he also did, as I saw some sweet messages on his cell phone. He says it’s only a friend who is after him not him after her, but he is the one calling her. In the mean time, I met someone at work here. We just had a one-night stand, then he won’t talk about it again. I just want to know if there will be something more between us as I cannot stop thinking about him. I know I want more.

Signed, L


While he is away, finalizing things back home, you also need to finalize certain things about your marriage. It’s either you love him and remain true and devoted or get a divorce and find fulfillment with someone else. Affairs and one-night stands always lead to a dead end. They only bring more emptiness and make you feel worse about your marriage and yourself. The last one you had is no exception. Do not hold your breath for anything more from that man. Clean up your problems and fix your life.

Daily Affirmation:

It takes wisdom to admit being wrong and courage to correct it.


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