Ask Miki for Feb 26 2018

Dear Miki
I was in a relationship from 97 on but that situation is now just a friendship. I had a complete make-over, and discovered a part of me that I thought would lay dormant forever. Recently I met a man my age while on vacation and had a fantastic relationship with him that continued for two weeks after we returned to Canada. We talked incessantly on the phone, and I felt we were developing a wonderful relationship. We were supposed to spend a weekend together in a very posh hotel to relax, and the week previous he injured himself while playing hockey. That night we spoke on the phone into the early hours of the morning. The next morning when I called he seemed to be angry with me but he didn’t explain why. After that he shut me out. He refused to answer my calls for a week. Finally we connected and he said I had offended him by not listening to what he was saying. He said he needed to put everything on hold in his life because he was incapacitated and couldn’t deal with anything else. I didn’t call him again other than to wish him a Happy Birthday, and He seemed friendly. I’m very confused at his discarding me completely. Do you see this going anywhere at all or am I just spinning my wheels for nothing? I don’t know what I did wrong.
Signed AW

You are right in feeling confused, because this man really overreacted and what offended him wouldn’t have upset the rest of the population to that extreme.
Consider this as an early warning of what would have been more difficulties to follow if the relationship had progressed. This is definitely a not going anywhere from here, and the beautiful moment that you shared is now a just a memory Therefore you should stop wondering and spin your wheels no more.

Daily Affirmation
Hanging on too long can often hurt us much more than letting go when we should.

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