Ask Miki for Feb 27 2018

Dear Miki,
I need some hope, I guess that the future may hold a bit of peace and happiness for me. My life has been miserable until now, and I really want to fix it but am not sure what I should be doing. Every aspect of my life is a mess. I am now recovering from breast cancer treatments and looking for work. I am trying to make sense of childhood memories; I recently met with my father after 30 years and I’m incredibly disappointed as well as shocked. In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined what evil and cruelty I would find. Since then I am haunted by bad memories and am realizing for the first time the abuse that he inflicted on me has destroyed my life. I am a mess and having a hard time seeing my way out of this. Please, if you could help me see a bit of light…maybe it will help.
Signed, M

Those who are pure of heart and intention and come from the light side of life will always attract others from the dark side who will challenge them to the limit and try to devour them, as the “good” such as yourself try to find or facilitate a spark of light from them as you did with this reunion.Do not allow the lack of concern and empathy he failed to show you along with terrifying memories of your childhood to take control of your life. As painful as this reunion was for you, it was also supposed to be a karmic lesson to bring closure to the past and leave it behind. I’m sure you have heard its better to let sleeping dogs lie, well in the case it’s more like finally driving the stake through the vampires heart the sucks the life out of whoever them come in contact with. Its over for good now, let it go and focus on the good that’s coming your way with your physical recovery and new employment between now and the end of March 2018. You have been given a chance to start anew again and you are really a warrior who knows how to survive or you would not have made it this far, so now its time to acknowledge the power that’s always be inside you. Evil cannot touch your soul as long as you release the pain it has caused you and then it perishes in the dark all alone as the stranger whose name is on your birth certificate will. Look forward with optimism to the good that is about to arrive.

Daily Affirmation

Sometime we are unable to see beyond darkness and forget that light always follows the dark and brings rebirth.

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