Ask Miki for Feb 28 2018

Dear Miki,
This is my first time writing for advice to anyone, as I am usually the one giving it but when it comes to my own future and decision making, I am often at a loss. Here is my dilemma.
I am a female in my mid-twenties. My one year wedding anniversary is this month. My husband is not currently working and we are in serious financial trouble. Also, he has bad anger problems that are very hard for me to deal with. On top of all this, I am struggling with my sexuality. I am attracted to women. My husband knows this, but I am starting to feel that I am more gay than straight. I am becoming very depressed with all these feelings and financial issues.
Despite all this, I do love my husband. What should I do?

Signed, Stuck in the middle

You have many things on your plate right now and it would not be a good time for you to make any life changing decisions or you will find yourself in a bigger dilemma in the end than the point that you started off from. I don’t see your husband being out of work for much longer and that will certainly help to solve your financial problems, but much bigger issues are at play here that need to be addressed. He has had problems coping with day to day responsibilities for many years and carries many issues from his family as well. He manifests anything that bothers him in anger and needs to get help to resolve his problems or he will always be angry and you will be facing a future filled with struggles. You need to let him know that even though you love him you can’t live with the rage anymore and there could be consequences leading to a break up. It’s important for you to do this as deep inside you still want to salvage the marriage. He needs to get some therapy, if he refuses as I sense he may, you have no choice but to consider a separation. I am a bit concerned that your growing attraction to women could be partially based on the disappointments you have in your current relationship and the treatment you get at home. I suggest that you speak with a counsellor who deals with gender identity and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual issues to help you sort this out before venturing off into a new same sex relationship to be sure that is your true lifestyle choice and avoid hurting some woman who becomes involved with you. It will take a few months to get all this sorted out but in the end you will move on knowing that you have done what’s best for you and your future happiness

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I does not matter who we love or how we love provided we do it with kindness and respect

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